The Secret Ingredients to Success: The Inside Scoop on Premier Support for Pardot

Premier Support for Salesforce has been around for over 10 years now, and our most successful customers are Premier customers. In fact, Premier Support customers for Salesforce have 2.3x more process automations, 26% increase in sales productivity, and glean 83% more analytics and insights. In the same way, Pardot Premier and Premier+ Support customers are already seeing some really great results from enjoying more 1:1 Specialist consultations with exclusive Accelerators to leveraging Developer Support and Configuration Services!

If you’ve been considering Premier or Premier+, or even just are curious to see what it’s all about, I’m here to share that it truly can be your secret ingredient to getting the most out of your Pardot investment. One of the most well known benefits to Premier offerings is the 24/7 Technical Phone Support, and while that is huge, there are several other benefits that Premier customers can take advantage of. Let’s look at a few of the key ingredients in the recipe for success:


If you caught the blog last week, then you’ve already had a glimpse into the Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator. But did you hear that TWO new Pardot Accelerators dropped just this week? In Customer Success, we are very excited that the Pardot Quickstart and Lead Management in Pardot are now available as Accelerators. Depending on your specific needs, whether it’s creating a lead management strategy or getting Salesforce Engage rolled out effectively to your sales team, we’ve got Specialists ready for 1:1 consultations with you through the Accelerator programs in a timeline that fits your schedule. For lower complexity, consultative type engagements you can anticipate 2-4 sessions with an expert, and for the longer more complex set up engagements you can expect upwards of 8 sessions. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a path for you and this Accelerator library will only continue to grow.

Developer Support

Sometimes your business needs are a little more customization than out-of-the-box offerings can tackle. We’ve got you covered – Developer Support enables our clients to create more custom solutions to specific business challenges while providing best practice advice on leveraging the Pardot API to meet those needs. Want to explore pushing data in from a 3rd party system not directly connected to Pardot or Salesforce? Sure! Our technical experts can guide you on available data points through the API. And, if that isn’t your specific cup of tea, Developer Support provides the following items as well:

  • Pardot Premier Developer Support Tasks include:
  • Troubleshooting Pardot error messages
  • Basic Salesforce error message troubleshooting
  • SOAP message capture and review
  • Web Services API best practices and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting Pardot Form Handler + API integration

Configuration Services

If you are a marketing team of one and managing “ALL THE THINGS,” then the Configuration Services, available with Premier+, could be music to your ears. Think of this as an extra intern or helping hand when you need to complete a few administrative tasks that are less than glamorous. If you are like me, those are exactly the types of tasks you procrastinate on. For example, do you have a whole new group of sales reps that were recently hired and just haven’t had enough time to get their user roles created in Pardot? Configuration Services to the rescue! A Pardot agent can Create, Update, and Deactivate Users so you can stay focused on that big campaign or upcoming event. Check out this list of other tasks that we can lend a hand with:

  • Assign & Unassign Engage Licenses
  • Add & Update Custom Objects within Pardot
  • Create & Update Custom Fields
  • Data Management
  • Mass transfer records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file
  • Mass create records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file
  • Mass update records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file

From the time that I’ve spent working directly with customers over the years, I’ve frequently heard “I just don’t have enough time or resources to accomplish my goals.” We hear you. The Pardot Premier Support offerings were created with exactly that challenge in mind and we are continually perfecting our recipe for your success. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Accelerators and the full suite of Premier offerings here. And if you aren’t quite ready to take that next step, we can guide you along our Success Path leveraging our various free resources. Either way, we’ve got a compass pointing you forward on your journey.