Seasons e-Greetings

While many people are busy trying to get their holiday shopping done and taking vacation time to spend time with their loved ones, it’s important to maintain your email communication with your clients and prospects. BtoB Magazine just posted some great suggestions for holiday marketing programs. As BtoB points out, if you’re not reaching out, you can assume your competitors will be. Here are the highlights:

  • Say thanks & gather feedback. The holiday season is a great time to thank clients for their business over the past year and send holiday greetings to your prospects. It’s also a good time to gather their feedback on your products and services so you know what to focus on or improve in the coming year.
  • Capture the “use-it-or-lose-it” crowd. Companies with money left in their 2008 budget will be eager to spend what they have left. Offering a promotion with a Dec. 31 expiration date or just simply reminding your prospects of your services can help convince them to spend their extra funds on your product rather than new office chairs or a copier.
  • Give your subscribers an update. Just as friends and relatives may send you emails or greeting cards detailing their activities over the last year, companies can also send out yearly updates to their clients detailing features they have added and improvements they have made. This is also a good way to drive recipients to your website and blog posts and gather feedback.
  • Update recipients’ preferences. The holiday season is a good time to ask recipients to update their preferences as they focus on goals for the coming year. Updates can be to the product lines they’re interested in as well as the frequency of the messages they’d like to receive. These updates will help you scrub your lists and target your messaging more effectively over the next year.