Search Marketing Weathers the Recession

In a blog post on Search Insider, Rob Garner assures us that though the economy is officially in a recession, search marketing will hold its own. Search engine marketing, in general, says Garner, yields much higher results than other advertising channels. Here’s a rundown of the reasons Garner says search has been so successful:

  • Measurability – Simply put, search marketing tactics and strategies, combined with solid analytics and other management tools, offer marketers the opportunity to see both the forest, and the tree leaves, if they so choose.
  • Qualifying Visitors with Search Queries – Good research helps advertisers target their ads or natural content strategies to a laser-sharp focus on the searcher, and offer the ability to target like-minded, laser-focused content with a higher degree and likelihood of conversion than other channels.
  • Search traffic becomes an asset over time – Once natural search traffic gets rolling, the returns often last for years.
  • Search is a fundamental touch point in the online experience – The bottom line is that search is a fundamental way to reach people online — such as more than 90% of all online users.
  • Search is equally accessible by all advertisers and marketers, large and small – Search marketing is open to both enterprise marketers with $20 million in spend, and to the guy or girl sitting in their bedroom with a twenty-dollar budget.
  • Search is the ad platform for future online advertising asset delivery – The 40% of online spend attributed to the search channel is likely grossly underestimated.
  • The targeted relevance of the search channel – Giving credit where it is due, the search engines themselves help us find what we need, when we need it.

    Enhancing your online marketing with a marketing automation tools allows you to add two more advantages to that list:

  • Increase measurability by associating opportunities won with specific search campaigns – Integrate Google Adwords to trace prospects back to their point of origin and find out which keywords are bringing in the most new customers.
  • Add site search to your own site to further qualify prospects – Site search on your website not only creates a better user experience for visitors, but it can give your sales team access to view a prospect’s search queries, allowing them to target follow-up messages.