Search Engine Marketing Tips from Dreamforce 09

At Dreamforce I had the chance to attend a great session for marketing professionals on best practices in search engine marketing (SEM). Here are some of the key takeaways I jotted down:

  • This of your search marketing strategy as a stereo – it is only as good as its weakest component. You may have great keywords but bad ad text or strong ads but poor landing pages. In order to get maximum results, you must work on perfecting all the different cogs of the machine.
  • Set your ads to rotate. If you let Google optimize for you, your ads will be optimized by click-through rate, not based on the more valuable conversion rate or cost-per-opportunity. Give all your ads equal play time until you can collect enough data via your marketing automation reporting to determine which ads bring in the best traffic instead of just the most clicks.
  • Always be sure to link to unique landing pages with content that matches your ads, rather than just linking to your homepage.