Scaling Business Growth with the Right Tools: A Success Story

Finding the right set of tools is the best way to set your business up for growth and success. We’ve said it time and again, but nothing really drives the idea home like a success story. Here’s one of our personal favorites:

Between 2012 and 2014, Vidyard grew by more than 1,000 percent.

(Yes, you read that right).

Vidyard recently discussed some of the details of their journey in a case study with Salesforce, and we couldn’t help but highlight a few excerpts and insights — from Tyler Lessard and Joe Gelata of Vidyard — on how connecting their sales and marketing tools enabled them to accomplish their goals. Let’s take a look.

Measure & Adjust

“We use Salesforce to create reports that show how much closed revenue each video has contributed to,” comments Joe Gelata, Director of Demand Generation at Vidyard. “This helps us evolve our content to make it more relevant and maximize our investment.”

Two important lessons to note here: for marketers trying to perfect their processes to optimize growth (well, so, all of us), insight into the sales cycle is your best friend. Determine what activities are having an actual impact on your bottom line and shift your focus accordingly—fast. Don’t sink countless resources into an initiative, then realize a year down the road that it’s really not doing much for you.

Secondly, for marketers waiting until they build out their content library to start measuring impact, take a cue from Vidyard. Creating content is time- and resource-intensive (especially if you’re creating amazing videos!), so don’t operate in the dark — start measuring success as you create assets, and shift your approach as you go.


“We knew we needed a solution that could scale with us as we grew,” comments Tyler Lessard, CMO. “With Salesforce, we have a single view of the customer and can even see interactions from when they were still a prospect.”

It’s all about a single view of the customer — across your marketing and sales teams. This comprehensive look at your prospects’ needs and pain points enables your business to deliver the personalized, efficient buyer experience that your prospect is looking for (and hopefully secures the lifelong customer that you’re looking for).


“Pardot was the last piece of the puzzle for scaling our marketing activities,” comments Gelata. “All our marketing emails are now generated via Pardot. We have automated a number of our nurturing programs for new leads.”

Yes, personalization is essential in modern marketing, but at what cost? Smaller businesses with limited resources can’t deliver relevant, personalized messages and continue to grow their audience — without the help of technology. This is why automated lead nurturing has proven to be such a game-changer for businesses like Vidyard. By placing colder leads on an automated nurturing track, you can begin gradually educating a buyer on your product before they even speak with a sales rep

Want to learn more about how Vidyard used Pardot to achieve phenomenal growth? Check out this recording with Joe Gelata from last month, and be sure to grab a copy of Five Steps to Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation for a step-by-step guide to setting up your business for growth and success.


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