Save Time and Build More with Engagement Studio Copy & Paste

The days of using 10 or more clicks to create the same branches of logic in Engagement Studio are officially a thing of the past! As part of our Winter ’19 Release, B2B marketers can now leverage Engagement Studio Copy & Paste to save time and focus on your most important tasks.

Introducing Engagement Studio Copy & Paste

Engagement Studio Copy & Paste saves time building programs so you can focus on the most important items on your to-do list. To get started, you’ll enter the new Selection Mode while building a program. Selection Mode allows you to select up to 10 steps in a program that will be copied using the new “Copy to clipboard” feature.

Easily Copy & Paste Repeating Logic

Once a selection of steps has been copied, you’re automatically taken back to the build tab. Click any possibility step to use the new “Copied Steps” action to paste your copied selection.

The great thing about Copy & Paste is that your steps are pasted in the same state they were copied — if you had an email template selected, wait times defined, or specific send-on dates, that information is also pasted with the selection. If you want to fill in the details of your steps later by selecting steps to copy that do not have details included, that’s possible too!

You can now build out a robust, tailored program with confidence that your structure, assets and timing are exactly as designed in a matter of minutes.

For more information on Engagement Studio, and this new feature, be sure to check out our Help Articles. We look forward to hearing your feedback on these new enhancements, and as always, you can continue to share your feedback on our Ideas Exchange.

Interested in learning more about all of the new features included in our Winter ’19 release? Join us for the Pardot Product Runway: Winter ’19 Release Webinar. See you there!

Pardot Winter '18 Release Webinar