Pardot syncs with campaigns to both display the campaigns, their participants and statuses in Pardot, as well as to add prospects to salesforce campaigns from the Pardot interface. Campaigns vs. Pardot Campaigns vs. Pardot Lists campaigns do not have a one-to-one relationship with Pardot campaigns. You can set up campaigns similarly in both systems but all prospects in a campaign are not automatically added to a Pardot campaign and vice versa.

Pardot campaigns are simply the first Pardot marketing campaign that the prospect interacted with, similar to a source field. campaigns function more as multi-touch campaigns where prospects can be on many campaigns at once with different statuses in each.

Pardot lists function more like campaigns than Pardot campaigns do. Prospects can be on an unlimited number of Pardot lists which are used to email the prospects or add them to drip programs. Pardot has an integration where you can add all leads/contacts in a campaign onto a Pardot list. See “Sync campaigns from to Pardot” (link) below for more information.

View campaigns in Pardot campaigns can be viewed in Pardot under Marketing > Campaigns > Scroll to the campaign table. You can adjust the table view to see “Active campaigns,” “Inactive” or “Deleted” campaigns.

Next to each campaign name is the number of Pardot prospects in that campaign. Please note that the number of prospects in each campaign may be lower than the total number of people you see in the campaign report. If there are leads/contacts in the campaign who have not yet been created as Pardot prospects, Pardot does not have records for those prospects and they are not included in Pardot’s campaign view. This makes the total number of prospects in the campaign appear lower in Pardot than your view.

Drill into any of the campaigns to see the table of Pardot prospects who are in the campaign. Along with basic prospect information, the prospects’ campaign statuses are also visible in the table.

Adding prospects to a campaign from Pardot

Although Pardot can’t create campaigns, after you create the campaign in Pardot can add prospects to them. Automation rules, segmentation rules, completion actions and drip program actions can add prospects to campaigns with statuses that you designate.

Where to add to campaign When to use this method
Automation Rules When your criteria requires a prospect to have made a tracked activity, have a specific value in a prospect default or custom field, or have other prospect record data.Automation rules only match a prospect once but they do run until paused or deleted, finding matches among existing prospects and future prospects that you create in your account.
Segmentation Rules When your criteria requires a prospect to have made a tracked activity, have a specific value in a prospect default or custom field, or have other prospect record data.Segmentation rules only run once at the time that you create and run the rule, finding matches among existing prospects. You can always edit and rerun the rule if you need to.
Completion Actions When your criteria requires a prospect to have made a single tracked activity.Completion actions match a prospect every time they take that action. For example, each time the prospect submits the form or clicks the custom redirect or file link, they will be added to the campaign with the designated status. Pardot does have the ability to update and overwrite existing campaign statuses.
Drip Programs When your criteria requires a prospect to have made a drip program activity–opening an email or clicking on a link in an email.Drip program actions match a prospect once when they move through that drip step.

When setting up your rule, drip, or completion action, you will see the action criteria to “Add to campaign.” You can select which campaign the prospect should be added to and with which campaign status. The available statuses are pulled in from the options that you created in If you need additional statuses, add those to the campaign in and, back in Pardot, click the green “Refresh” arrow next to your action criteria. This will refresh the status drop down and display the new options.

Sync campaigns from to Pardot

To segment prospects within and sync them into a new or existing Pardot list, you can add the “Add to Pardot List” button to your campaign object. This functions similar to an import (small lists will be instantaneous and large ones will run in the background) but without the need to use a CSV file. Any prospects who are in your campaign but don’t already have a prospect record in Pardot are created in Pardot after you click the button (provided they have an email address in their record).

For the steps on installing the button on your campaigns, see here.

Once the button is installed, click the “Add to Pardot List” button to send your leads/contacts to a Pardot list. add to list button

You can select from two “List Actions” either “Create a new Pardot List” or “Add to an existing Pardot list.”

When you select “Create a new Pardot List” enter the name of the new list into “New Pardot List name.” campaign Create new list

When you select “Add to an existing Pardot List,” select the name of the existing list you wish to add the prospects to. campaign add to existing list

Next select your “Campaign Action.” You can either “Add to an existing Pardot campaign” or “Create a new Pardot Campaign.” Enter the name of your new Pardot campaign or select the name of the existing Pardot campaign. If a prospect does not yet exist in Pardot, it will be associated with the selected Pardot campaign. Prospects who already exist in Pardot will retain their original Pardot campaign unless you check the option to “Override Existing Pardot Campaign” at which point all prospects being added to the list will have their Pardot campaign changed to the one you select.

The Pardot list does not automatically update when you add new prospects to your campaigns. You must manually click the “Add to Pardot List” button on your campaign to add more prospects to the Pardot list. If you remove leads/contacts from the campaign and then click “Add to Pardot List” the removed people will not be removed from the Pardot list. Pardot can only add people to the lists through this feature, not remove them. You can manually remove leads/contacts from Pardot lists while inside the interface by using our list management feature.


1.    Remember that prospects are not automatically pushed into (they are pushed in when they are assigned to a User, a Queue, or a Group). We store the campaign record and status with the prospect and then sync this information over to your CRM once a triggering event occurs (typically an assignment of the prospect).
2.    Your Campaigns (and the options associated with them) are pulled into Pardot during the pull/sync routine. If you create a new Campaign object in, you may have to wait a few minutes until it is available in Pardot.
3.    If the record already exists in with that campaign and a given status, Pardot will always overwrite the existing status if a triggering event causes a status change (form completion, automation rule, etc.).