package updated to stop syncing deleted leads and contacts

Although Pardot has always done bi-directional syncing with, it previously had no way of knowing if a lead or contact were deleted (vs. simply not existing). Now when a record is deleted in, Pardot is told to stop trying to sync the prospect (to prevent it from recreating the record in the CRM). It will only start syncing that prospect again if the CRM record is undeleted or a new record with the same email address is later created in the CRM.

To add the trigger simply update your account with our latest AppExchange package.

  1. Unlike syncing up to (which is near instantaneous), syncing down is run in a batched job so it may take a bit of time to see your changes reflected in Pardot.
  2. If for some reason you do not want the delete trigger, you can disable it in your settings.