Campaign sync for Form Actions, Automation, and more!

By popular demand from our clients, we have implemented campaign integration for Form Completion Actions, Automation Rules, and Segmentation Rules. Now you can easily tag prospects with campaigns based on what they do on your website.


  1. Remember that prospects are not automatically pushed into (they are pushed in when they are assigned to a User, a Queue, or a Group). We store the campaign record and status with the prospect and then sync this information over to your CRM once a triggering event occurs (typically an assignment of the prospect).
  2. Your Campaigns (and the options associated with them) are pulled into Pardot during the pull/sync routine. If you create a new Campaign object in, you may have to wait a few minutes until it is available in Pardot.
  3. If the record already exists in with that campaign and a given status, Pardot will always overwrite the existing status if a triggering event causes a status change (form completion, automation rule, etc.).

Next up is Campaign integration for Drip Programs and List Emails.