Salesforce Announces Wave for B2B Marketing — Analytics for Every B2B Marketer

Today, we’re excited to announce the Wave Analytics for B2B Marketing app, a new Salesforce Wave Analytics app that will enable users to dive deeper into marketing, CRM and third-party data and empower them to gain new insights into campaign performance to maximize marketing efforts.

Marketing has transformed from delivering one-way, outbound campaigns to an ongoing customer journey across a variety of channels — creating troves of data along the way. For B2B marketers, turning all of this data into actionable insights and measuring marketing effectiveness is a challenge, with issues ranging from marketers’ inability to make sense of data, to dealing with complex analytics tools that aren’t intuitive to use.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in partnership with Salesforce, 71 percent of marketers named ease of use as an extremely important attribute to getting value from new marketing solutions; however only 42 percent say their marketing technology is easy to use. Additionally, only 34 percent of marketers said they are able to access the analytics they need from their marketing technology. With Wave for B2B Marketing, users are able to easily supercharge their analytics insights to maximize marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Salesforce Extends Wave to B2B Marketers

Salesforce delivered Wave Analytics, our analytics platform that empowers business users to effortlessly explore business data and get the answers they need to be smarter about their customers — all from any device. Wave for B2B Marketing was designed with those same principles in mind — providing B2B marketers with a powerful, easy-to-use tool to dive deep into the data that matters most to them. This enables marketers to better align marketing and sales teams with actionable insights on marketing spend and campaign effectiveness and take instant action as a team.

Wave for B2B Marketing empowers B2B marketers to:

Align marketing and sales teams with a complete view of the business. Wave for B2B Marketing is the only out-of-the-box marketing analytics solution specifically for Salesforce customers that provides marketers with a consolidated view of the marketing and CRM data that matters most to them — including lead volume, lead to opportunity conversion rates, pipeline velocity, and campaign ROI. Customers can also pull in data from third-party solutions like Google Analytics, and webinar and event management platforms, to get a complete view of all marketing efforts. Customers get pre-built dashboards that show high-level metrics for heads of marketing as well as more tactical metrics for front-line marketers, but also have the power to create customer dashboards based on specific roles.

Maximize marketing campaign performance with self-service intelligence. Marketers don’t measure just to report. They measure to improve. With Wave for B2B Marketing, marketers can easily dissect data to understand how their campaigns are performing and quickly make adjustments to improve — without the need for a dedicated analytics expert.

Boost marketing and sales productivity with actionable insights. Marketers can easily share snapshots of data and insights directly from the app, and work with sales to take immediate action as a team to turn more prospects into customers, across any device — desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

For example, say a marketing leader dives into her Wave for B2B Marketing dashboard to check on the overall of pipeline generation. Right away, she notices in her pipeline by region chart that the Northeast is lagging compared to other regions. She takes a deeper look and can see that events aren’t generating as much pipeline as they should and realizes it could be because the team hasn’t conducted an event in Boston in the last quarter. She automatically sends her head of demand generation a Chatter message asking her to schedule an event in Boston, pulls a list from Salesforce of all of the top leads in the Boston area that fit the company’s demographic, and spins up a personalized campaign in Pardot to drive registration for the event.

Wave for B2B Marketing is currently in beta and will be generally available Oct. 17. Pricing will be announced at the time of availability.

The power of aligning B2B marketing and sales is real, and it yields huge benefits for the bottom line. Pardot customers see on average a 34 percent increase in marketing ROI and a 34 percent increase in sales revenue, according to the Salesforce Pardot 2015 Customer Relationship Survey. Please visit the Wave for B2B Marketing site to learn more. If you’re attending Dreamforce Oct. 4-7, please check out our dedicated session on Wave for B2B Marketing.

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  • This is great stuff. Any documentation on how this connector is going to work? Assuming it will be some kind of connector as visitor data is not stored in Salesforce, it is not possible to get that information using the Wave data flow.

    • Hi Rikke! Thanks for your comment! At this time, your AE should be able to answer any questions you may have about Wave for B2B Marketing. I’d recommend reaching out to them with this question.

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