The Sales and Marketing Automation Roundup [Free Tip Sheet]

We’ve had a great time talking sales tactics for the past month, but it’s time to wrap up the month of July and get prepped for August. But first — take a look at a roundup of our top sales and marketing automation content below, from SlideShares to eBooks. Then, scroll to the bottom for our downloadable tip sheet featuring top sales tips from automation users.

Smarter Marketing: 3 Lessons Marketing Can Learn From Sales [VIDEO]

In this month’s Smarter Marketing episode, Mathew Sweezey covers three important lessons that marketers can learn from sales. From knowing your prospects to stage-based nurturing tactics, there are plenty of lessons left for marketers to learn from their sales counterparts.


How to Qualify a Lead In Under a Minute

Qualifying leads can be a pain, which is why many marketers choose to send all leads to sales, rather than weed out the ones that are sales-ready. But what if you could qualify a lead in under sixty seconds? Now that’s a game changer.


How Pardot Sales Uses Pardot: 6 Quotes from Our Own Reps [SlideShare]

Wondering how your sales team can actually use a marketing automation tool? Our sales reps are in the trenches using our product on a daily basis, and they have plenty of actionable advice to offer. See some of our favorite quotes in this SlideShare presentation.


10 Social Media Resources for Salespeople

An important topic for today’s sales reps is social selling — but doing prospect research isn’t the only way that salespeople can get value out of social media. Some of the top sales minds are sharing their insight, experiences, and advice on their social networks, making social media the ideal place for reps to go to learn from the best and brightest salespeople in the industry.


25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales [New eBook]

Checked out our SlideShare, but want even more tips from the Pardot sales team? Take a look at the full eBook to see what our VP of Sales, Sales Managers, Account Executive, and Business Development Reps have to say about getting the most out of an automation tool.


Want more? Here are some additional resources that might interest you:

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Stay tuned for an intro to our August theme on the blog tomorrow!

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