The ROI of Marketing Automation Infographic

If you were giving the final go-ahead to purchase a marketing automation tool, which of the following would convince you to pull the trigger?

Option A: “This marketing automation tool has a sweet WYSIWYG editor that’s going to make our emails look awesome!”

Option B: “With marketing automation, we can increase the number of marketing-sourced opportunities by 25% year-over-year.”

Don’t quote me on that last statistic, but something like Option B is probably going to be a lot more persuasive to purchasing decision makers than Option A. When it comes to investing in a tool like marketing automation, which has the potential to eat into budget and alter your team’s existing workflow (in a good way!), upper management is going to want to hear about results. I’m talkin’ bottom line, ROI, and a whole lot of other buzzwords that probably come up in marketing and sales forecasting meetings.

To help answer common questions about the kinds of returns companies are seeing on their marketing automation investment, we’ve created the following infographic. Take a look to see some recent statistics from industry analysts, as well as a quick overview of some of the main features and benefits of an automation tool.

roi of marketing automation

Want a more in-depth look at how marketing automation can impact your ROI, help you increase close rates, and better align your marketing and sales teams? Take a look at the full ROI of Marketing Automation eBook by clicking on the banner below.

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