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Introducing the 2013 State of Demand Generation Report

We know that buyer preferences are changing, but in what ways? How do buyers conduct research? What content influences their purchasing decisions? How can marketers adjust their demand generation strategies? And which companies are approaching demand gen the right way?

When it comes to determining industry trends and best practices, there’s nothing better than hard data. At least, that was our approach to our most recent research project, the 2013 State of Demand Generation Report, which surveyed 400 B2B buyers and 138 B2B companies to get a look at their demand generation habits and best practices.

That’s right — we have the answers to all of those hard-hitting questions. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the buyer and company data that we’ve collected in this report:

72% of product research for a future business purchase begins on Google. tweetbutton

76% of buyers prefer different content at each stage of their research. tweetbutton

76% of the top 17 SaaS companies are already using marketing automation. tweetbutton

The 2013 State of Demand Generation report will give you a glimpse into current buyer preferences, from content length to content delivery. Combine this with data collected from B2B Fortune 500 companies to see how today’s best of breed marketers are approaching demand generation. Find out where almost all marketers can improve their demand gen efforts, and get a better idea of what buyers are hoping to get out of your marketing.

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