Recapturing ‘Bounced’ Prospects with Retargeting

Every year, B2B marketers invest a significant amount of time, effort and money into driving traffic to their websites and landing pages to eventually convert prospects into paying customers. With tremendous resource being pumped into these campaigns, you’ll want to make the most of every single prospect.

It’s time to start utilizing the power of retargeting within Pardot Engagement Studio.

Retargeting with Engagement Studio

Did you know that Engagement Studio allows you to retarget prospects who have visited your landing page but didn’t convert? When you build your landing pages on Pardot, this new functionality presents itself.

Imagine this. You have your list of prospects ready and you’ve got a great offer for them. Naturally, you send them a plain text email with a link to a landing page where they can purchase from you. You’ve built your landing page in Pardot so you’ll be able to automatically send prospects who complete your landing page into a customer list. But what about those who bounced, or viewed the page and then left? Fortunately, you have a trick up your sleeve: retargeting.

You can send an HTML email with a really strong CTA that will reroute these lost prospects to a second landing page that is a more condensed version of the first. That’s it! You’ve just retargeted your prospects automatically through an email program. You can also rest assured that your current customers won’t ever accidentally receive a prospecting email from you because that list is suppressed within the program!

Here’s how that would look within the Engagement Studio canvas:

This is a really simple example of how retargeting can be built into your programs. Get creative, the opportunities are endless!