Quick Tips: Using the “Hello Bar”

As a marketer, you are always looking for quick, simple changes that will keep prospects engaged with your website and promote valuable content.

Enter the “Hello Bar.” The Hello Bar is a free app that allows you to design a custom call out bar for the top of each page on your website. Pick out colors, fonts and textures that are consistent with your brand, and use this bar to announce upcoming events, advertise white papers or cross-sell different areas of your website. Several examples of the Hello Bar being put to great use are:

  • Webinars  Design a call out bar for the top of your home page announcing upcoming webinars? and add a link to register. Keep this information current and ensure that you‘re not calling out webinars that have already happened by linking the Hello Bar to an RSS feed.
  • Blogs  Cross-sell your content: if you maintain more than one blog, add a call out linking to your other blog. Or take this opportunity to advertise other content, such as a specific white paper that may relate to a recent blog post.
  • Training  Consider the particular needs of the person viewing your page. For instance, on a page that someone seeking tech help might visit, add a Hello Bar advertising free upcoming training sessions.

The best part? Hello Bar allows you to monitor your stats. View click-through rates, clicks and impressions and conduct A/B tests to determine the effectiveness of your Hello Bar. A free version of the Hello Bar is available with unlimited bars, or get the Pro version for $4.95 a month? a great value for a highly effective, low maintenance tool. Check out your options and compare the two versions here.

Take a look at how we use the Hello Bar here at Pardot:

Note: This is the third in a new mini-series of Pardot blog posts called ?Quick Tips.? Click on the Quick Tips category to view all blog posts on this subject, and check out the hashtag #pardottip on Twitter for more helpful tips from our services team.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Tips: Using the “Hello Bar”

  • I like the hello bar and I think it is a smart way to engage your visitors with new products or important events. I won’t pay for it because the pricing is really bad. If I pay for a product I should get more than 100 clicks for $5 a month. They change the pricing once because of customer backlash but in my opinion it still needs work.

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