Quick Tips: Improving Your Thank You Page

Interested in your product, a prospect visits your site and requests a white paper. A short form is filled out, the prospect clicks submit and a page pops up: “Thank you. You will receive your free white paper shortly.” The prospect closes out of the page and returns to his or her email to wait.

Opportunity missed.

Your thank you page, like every touch point with prospective buyers, is an opportunity to further engage with prospects and continue to market your product. As Pardot COO Adam Blitzer briefly discussed in his presentation  at Elevate 2011, consider using this page as an way to cross-sell other areas of your website and expose prospects to valuable content.

Content can be valuable to prospective buyers and current customers alike. For example, see the screenshot below of what a Pardot customer would see after registering for one of our free webinars. Instead of closing out the window, a customer might explore our library of white papers, check out our recent press or engage with some of our social media outlets.

Adding content to your thank you page is a quick, simple change that will keep prospects engaged with your website.