Quick Tips: CTA Buttons

Like any smart marketing professional, you’ve carefully thought through the text on your landing pages, testing different versions until you’ve found the optimal wording for selling your product. But one bit of text you may not have thought twice about is your call to action (CTA) button– and this seemingly unimportant bit of text may be affecting your lead’s decision to convert.

Consider this article, published last month on Marketing Experiments Blog. Two emails were tested with one of the significant differences being in the wording of the call to action buttons: one simply said “Get Started” while the other read, “See How [name of company] Works.” Can you guess which email received 104% more clicks?

If you guessed the second one, you’re correct. The second CTA implies far less commitment than the first: rather than actually “getting started” with the program, you’re just being given a hands-on opportunity to further explore the program’s capabilities. While both both buttons ultimately lead to the same content, the difference in wording can significantly impact the viewer’s decision to click.

Even when the results of clicking a CTA button are quite clear (as in the case of a prospect filling out a form in order to receive a white paper), consider spicing up the wording a bit: clicking on a button that says “Download Now” adds a certain incentive that is lacking in a button that simply reads “Submit.” It may seem like an insignificant change, but adding incentive to your CTA buttons is a subtle–almost subliminal–adjustment that make a difference in a lead’s decision to convert.