Quick Start Guidelines

Tracking Code

Pardot should be granted reasonable temporary access to the client site’s html files (via a content management system, FTP server, or cooperation from an in-house IT resource).


Client is to supply HTML or text creative and copy for all email templates. In the case of multi-part messages (emails sent in both HTML and text format), the client may submit HTML templates and Pardot can produce corresponding text emails. Pardot will need file paths to any images the client would like to include.

Landing Pages

HTML template and copy for Pardot to use to create landing page templates. Pardot will need file paths to any images the client would like to include.

Forms / Form Handlers

Pardot requires a simple outline of what form fields to display in each form. Note that if the client would like to use conditional fields (fields that are displayed in subsequent prospect interactions only if required fields have already been filled out), please designate field priorities and Pardot will set them up. Please also designate where/on what page the forms should appear and any text to display before, after, and upon completion of the forms.

AdWords Search Integration

The client will furnish Pardot with his or her Google AdWords customer ID number (located in the top corner of the AdWords interface). Pardot will then send an automated request to the client’s email address on file with Google, requesting permission to access your account via the API. Note that Pardot will never ask for direct access to the AdWords user interface. Pardot may then ask that the AdWords administrator make a few changes to existing destination URLs so that they can be tracked by the Pardot system.

Automation Rules

Pardot will require a high-level summary of the automation rules the client would like to implement. These will be implemented where possible and suggestions will be made if the application does not support the desired workflow.

Site Search Integration

Pardot requires access to an HTML or Google (XML-based) sitemap to index the client’s pages. The client will also need to supply reasonable access to the site’s pages to insert the search box code snippet. The client will also provide an HTML template to build the template for the site search results page.

Time Frame

The typical implementation duration lasts three months.  During the implementation phase, we will move at the client’s pace to cover what they would like.