The Quick Guide to Video SEO

Can’t get enough of video marketing?

If you’ve started exploring video marketing after reading our articles about videos on a budget and filming with limited time and resources, then we have another helpful post lined up for you. Take a look at post three in our video marketing series to see what Ezra Fishman, Director of Marketing at Wistia, has to say about the growing importance of a video SEO strategy.

Why should companies invest in Video SEO?

Video is still uncharted territory for many in the SEO world, which means there’s an opportunity to set your business apart by putting a simple Video SEO strategy in place.

Search engines give special treatment to video, and there are fewer companies making and optimizing videos than other types of content. Together, these factors add up to more room at the top of the rankings for your content.

How can companies get started with a Video SEO strategy?

If you already have video on your website, you should be submitting video sitemaps to get that content indexed so that search results point back to your website. Sitemaps help the search engines recognize that there are videos on your site and give them additional information about the content of each video.

If you’re using YouTube videos on your site, the videos will automatically show up in search results, but they will almost always point searchers to YouTube instead of your website. In most instances, it’s preferable to get viewers to visit your own site. That way, you control the user experience. However, this is a tradeoff that needs to be evaluated individually for each business and potentially for each piece of content.

To see which of your videos are currently being indexed, try typing the following into the Google search box: “site::”. Then, click on the “Video” tab within Google to see a list of all of the currently-indexed videos on your site.

It can take some time to get indexed, so if you don’t see all of your videos there immediately, check back in a week or two.

If you’re ready for some more advanced Video SEO tactics, consider adding backlinks to your videos to receive link credit when someone embeds one of your videos on their site! And stay tuned for the next post in our series, which will cover video marketing strategy.