Quick Drip Tips

MarketingProfs featured a blog post earlier this week from Listrak, an email marketing vendor, who offered some quick best practices to follow when putting together a new email marketing campaign. These tips are also great for starting a drip program, which is essentially just an automated email campaign that takes all the work out of it for you.

  • Advertise What’s Next -In our drip programs, we include an introduction email that lets people know that they can expect several emails over time that will provide them additional information about their area of interest. You could also preview a topic that will be coming soon to keep reader’s interest. This ties directly in to the next tip…
  • Tell a Story – If possible, it can help keep a prospect’s interest if you tell a story with your emails. This way they are all connected in the reader’s mind and they may even be excited to see what will come next. Center your campaign around a common theme or idea and consider using something catchy like a “Top 10” list.
  • Respect & Empower Subscribers – Of course, all emails sent through Pardot will include the required unsubscribe tag, so you’ve built in the ability for uninterested prospects to opt out. However, a better idea is to give them a chance to hang on but update their preferences. Maybe their interest has changed, or perhaps they don’t want to be part of the educational series but do want to stay up to date on new product information. The public preference center is easy to activate and can be inserted using a tag in your emails.

Read the full Listrak post.