Put Borderline Prospects on an IV Drip

Sometimes prospects show interest but are just not ready to buy. How should you deal with this kind of prospect? This is where Pardot’s lead nurturing features can really come in handy. Knowing when and how to start borderline prospects on a drip campaign is a crucial part of making the most out of your marketing automation solution.

Lead nurturing begins when you triage incoming leads, just as an ER nurse must triage incoming patients. Critical patients who are obviously in need of immediate attention (qualified leads) are routed directly to doctors (Sales), while folks with sore throats (unqualified leads) are asked to wait indefinitely. Those patients in need of stabilization (promising, but non-sales-ready, leads) are put on an IV drip (drip campaign). At first, the IV drip must deliver a sizable infusion of essential vitamins and nutrients in order to stabilize the patient. Once the patient is stabilized, it can be determined just what kind of IV is necessary to remedy their condition. This is lead nurturing in a nutshell.

Just like a patient on the mend, your not-yet-sales-ready prospect needs different types of information, as well as conversion opportunities, to help them to “remedy” their ambivalence about buying. Think of drip campaigns as an IV drip that feeds your on-the-fence leads essential “vitamins” (bits of info) to help strengthen their product knowledge. Good conversion opportunities are like much-needed medicines which, if administered correctly, can be successful in “curing” your leads of their hesitation to buy.

Set up the content and frequency of emails before the fact and set your treatment plan in action with a drip campaign. This puts prospects on a predetermined rationing of information–an email for each stage of your campaign, with content tailored to this particular group of prospects. Prospects that remain ambivalent should stay on the drip until they “get well” and convert.

As any doctor can tell you, the tricky part is getting the IV just right and determining exactly what sorts of nutrients the patient needs. Get some ideas from Pardot’s three-part guide to drip campaigns:

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