New Feature: Prospect Merging

You can now manually merge two or more prospects in Pardot. Because of the complex nature of marketing automation (involving rules, drips, etc.), please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information below.

Merge Action

Simply multi-select the prospects you would like to merge, select merge from the action dropdown, and click Go to start the merging process.

Merge Action

Select Field Values

Next select the field (and custom field) values you would like the new prospect to inherit. By default, it will inherit the master prospect’s values.

Merge: Select Field Values

Select Lists and Tags

You can also select any lists and tags to inherit. Again, by default it will inherit the master prospect’s lists and tags. Selecting another prospect will add that prospect’s lists or tags in addition to the master’s.

Merge: Select Lists and Tags


  • If any of the merged prospects have been affected by an automation rule, the resulting prospect will be marked as having already been affected and cannot have that rule affect it again. This is a safety measure to prevent a rule from running on an individual too many times.
  • The resulting prospect will inherit the drip program history of any of its merged prospects and will start at the farthest possible step (e.g. is merged prospect A is on step 3 of a drip and prospect B is on step 2, the resulting prospect will start at step 3). Again, this is a safety measure to prevent the resulting prospect from receiving a drip action that it already has passed through.
  • The activities of the merged prospects will be aggregated and the resulting prospect will have its score calculated during the merge.