Post-Conversion Best Practices

MarketingProfs featured a post today from Savvy B2B Marketing that hammered home one of my favorite tips for landing pages – how to make the most out of post-conversion fulfillment and communications.

As a general rule, we always recommend that you email the requested item (white paper, etc) to your prospects rather than immediately giving them access to the downloaded materials. This offers the following key advantages we’ve often preached to Pardot clients:

  • Increases the amount of valid email addresses submitted (we recommend making it VERY clear on your form that if they want to receive the materials they’ll need to provide a valid address)
  • Provides an additional opportunity to interact with leads and reinforce your brand in the fulfillment email
  • Provides an opportunity for the prospect to reply to your email and begin the sales process if they are interested
  • Allows you to track if the email was opened and if the file was clicked (for hosted files)
  • Allows you to make the best possible use of “Thank You Text” to encourage the prospect to download related items or continue interacting with your website, as opposed to losing them when they begin to read the white paper
  • Allows the prospect to very easily access the white paper again at a later date if they wish to delay reading it for any reason

The team at Savvy B2B also touched on a few points I hadn’t previously considered, including:

  • The email will likely sit in the recipients inbox for a while creating a lasting reminder of your brand
  • An automatic download runs a higher risk of posing technical problems leading to abandonment

Check out the rest of their insights in the full post