Personalization — Through Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? How can automationwhich, by its very definition, seems impersonal—lead to a more personalized sales process?

But the answer is simple: it’s all in the data. Data provides marketers and sales reps with insight into a buyer’s specific interests, needs, and stage of the sales cycle, allowing them to create a customized, 1:1 buyer experience; automation lets them put this data to use on a scalable level. And this powerful technology doesn’t just make personalization possible (and easy), it also makes it crucial to business success as adoption rates increase and buyers become accustomed to a more tailored sales cycle.

Businesses that are currently personalizing web experiences are seeing an increase in sales of 19% on average. (Econsultancy)

Take a look at a basic outline of how marketing automation personalizes the sales cycle in the infographic below—what type of data is collected, how it’s collected, and how it can be used by marketing and sales teams alike. And for more information and best practices, be sure to download our free eBook, Personalization with Automation: The Complete Guide.


personalization with automation

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