Perfecting Your Content Mix

When we talk about planning out your lead nurturing campaign or crafting landing pages that will garner more conversions, we often talk about what type of content to use during different times in the sales cycle. To be successful in a complex, drawn out sales model, you need to offer a variety of information – from general to more specific – in a variety of format – white papers, case studies, webinars and more.

Hubspot shared some tips on their blog about how to build the right content mix to please all prospects.  As Pardot’s own Derek has discussed in our recent lead nurturing webinar, a contact us a form is a great way for prospects who are ready to get a sales call to reach out and show buying intent. However, in the earlier stages, you’ll want to be sure to provide easy access to more research-friendly materials.

Hubspot stresses that these early education materials should focus on common problems for your target market and the type of soultion (yours, naturally) that can solve these problems. Next, once the seed is planted and a prospective client knows that your type of solution can help them, you’ll want to provide proof that you’re the best of the bunch. This proof can come in the form of, for example, case studies or testimonial videos from happy customers.

You can see how the idea of offering up these different types of content on your website can easily translate into a targeted drip marketing program that moves people through the different parts of the funnel. Ultimately, providing the right education and supporting evidence should result in a more sales-ready prospect when its time to reach out with a call.