Parlez Vous Français?

Today, at Salesforce World Tour Paris, we announced that Pardot will be localizing in French, German and Spanish! On Friday, June 8, users across the world will be able to access the Pardot platform in their chosen language.

User language settings can be updated in one of two places:

  1. For customers that are using Salesforce User Sync, language settings will be controlled in Salesforce. Once the new language is available, it will automatically update in Pardot based on the user’s setting in Salesforce.
  2. For users that are managed in Pardot, the new language options will be a user setting.

Admins can also bulk-update the user “Language and Locale” from the user table, or each user can adjust their individual settings via the settings page. Admins can set an account-level Language and Locale as well. After that, any new users created will inherit from these settings by default.

We are excited to bring the power of Pardot Marketing Automation to our French, German, and Spanish-speaking Trailblazers in B2B marketing!

Pardot in French

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