Pardot’s Favorite Topical Marketing Blogs

Pardot's favorite topical marketing blogs

Unfortunately, the day has finally come for the end of our “Favorite Blogs” series. But before we get into a few more of our favorite blogs, take a second to browse through some of the previous categories we’ve covered:

The last post in our series focuses on some more specialized topics, like SEO and email marketing. These are blogs that you can use as a resource when you need detailed information about a slightly more technical topic, rather than just a simple overview.

MarketingExperiments Blog






The MarketingExperiments team is devoted to researching and experimenting with new ideas to improve the marketing and sales processes. Their blog aims to supplement their research by providing additional articles, news, insights, analysis, and interviews related to optimization and testing — all put together by their community of marketing and sales professionals. If you like posts that incorporate visuals like graphs and charts, this is the blog for you.

Since we’re big fans of content marketing at Pardot, here’s a relevant post for those of you out there interested in research on the subject: “Content Marketing: Are users more likely to convert with only one article featured or multiple articles?







If you’re looking for information on search, SEOmoz is going to be your blog of choice. Learn about search engine optimization, link-building, google adwords, content analysis, guest blogging, and more. Posts are published daily by a staff of fun, engaging writers, so there’s always something new to keep you on your toes when it comes to SEO.

If you’re looking for insights into SEO, and also like articles that incorporate videos from Austin Powers, check out “5 Killer SEO insights from Analyzing a Billion Dollars in Adwords Spend.”

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine





Since we’ve yet to cover any design blogs in our series, we wanted to feature Smashing Magazine, a blog recommended by several members of Pardot’s design squad. Take a second to peruse their recent posts if you have any interest in UX design, javascript, web design, animation, and design for mobile. Again, posts are published daily, so there’s always plenty of content to explore.

To get started, take a look at their post “How to Succeed with Your Mobile App.”

Hopefully by now, you’ve been able to pick out a good mixture of blogs to follow, whether they’re related to content marketing, tech news, social media, or one of the other categories we’ve featured in our series.

Worried that you’ll forget them all? Stay tuned for our new infographic summing up each of the blogs we’ve mentioned over the past few weeks!