Pardot’s Favorite Content Marketing Blogs

Pardot's favorite content marketing blogs

Now that we’ve gone over some of Pardot’s favorite general marketing blogs and blogs by industry thought leaders, we thought it was about time to dive into some blogs that cover more specific marketing topics. While it’s nice to get a general overview of what’s going on in the industry, it can often be helpful to visit more topic-specific blogs to delve deeper into the subjects you’re interested in. This week, we’re going to focus on content marketing.

Take a look at the list below to see some of Pardot’s favorite content marketing blogs. Click on the images to check them out!

The Content Strategist

content strategist

Powered by the talented freelance community of Contently, the Content Strategist brings together exceptional writing and the newest content stories and trends. Posts are separated into categories like social media, blogging, content design, case studies, and more. Their homepage also includes a series of featured stories that relate content marketing to current events, entertainment, and industry news. Articles are posted on the Content Strategist several times per week.

Looking for a good post to start with? Try “Browser Wars Return – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Now Lead.”



Another content marketing blog that’s popular at Pardot is Copyblogger. With a strong focus on blogging, the site’s content revolves around the effects of SEO on content, WordPress help, copywriting tips, and other content marketing-related articles. One of the unique features on Copyblogger is the section for various tutorials, like SEO copywriting, keyword research, and email marketing.

It’s hard to choose just one article to point out, but “A Smart 8-Point Marketing Strategy from a Failed Television Writer” provides some interesting insight while telling a compelling story — in this case, the story of Dan Harmon, the writer for the show Community.

Content Marketing Institute

content marketing institute

A fairly obvious choice for this list, the Content Marketing Institute blog is the “resource for all things content marketing.” Posts are published on a daily basis and cover every facet of content marketing — from video to content readability. You can also use their site to look into education opportunities, white papers, webinars, and events. The CMI blog is a great resource if you’re looking for articles on a broad range of topics related to content marketing.

If you’re interested in video, check out their post titled “How to Create Video Content That Actually Works,” complete with a few video examples of do’s and don’ts.



Another popular content marketing blog in the Pardot office is Problogger, which focuses more specifically on blogging, writing, and engagement. Posts are published on a daily basis and incredibly detailed, providing huge amounts of useful information in each article.

While a little lengthy, the post “9 Content Lessons Ted Turner Can Teach You” is packed with insightful tips hidden within the intriguing story of Ted Turner’s life and early business experiences.

If you have any other content marketing blogs that you’d recommend, let us know in the comments! Stay tuned next week for our next post in the series.