Pardot’s Favorite Business & News Blogs

Pardot's Favorite Business and News Blogs

As we near the end of our Favorite Blogs series, we’re ready to talk about some of our top business and news blogs. These are blogs that cover the realms of small business, venture capital, and business management — and while not directly related to marketing, they are valuable resources for professionals working in any industry.

If you missed any of our previous posts in the series, check out some of the other blog categories we’ve covered over the past few weeks:



Are you running a business? In charge of an entire department? Or just interested in small business ideas and resources? If you said yes to any of those questions, the Inc. blog is going to be a valuable asset for you. With a focus on the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and managing, finance, sales, marketing, and technology, you’ll get articles that incorporate almost every facet of business.
One article that we found really relevant is “3 Ways to Avoid Hiring Nightmares.” Learn how to waste less time and money on the wrong people by employing a fun and productive hiring process.

Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table is a blog run by Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur turned venture capitalist with a unique appreciation for “both sides of the table.” If you want start-up advice, tips on raising venture capital, or insights into sales and marketing, this blog contains plenty of relevant information. Articles are full of candid advice based on Suster’s own personal experiences.

If you like video and have an interest in the start-up scene, you should check out this article: “Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?



In each post in our series, there’s always one blog that is an obvious pick for the list. This week, it’s Forbes. With articles that cover business and news on both the domestic and international levels, Forbes has tons of content to browse through (they often post more than 25 articles in an hour!). Self-described as the blog with “information for the world’s business leaders,” topics include employment, politics, important business news, and economics.

Here’s our recommended pick of the week: “Why Failure Is So Important to Success.”

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

Although already featured in a previous post listing our top blogs by industry thought leaders, Harvard Business Review’s focus on business, career advice, finance, sales, and work environment make it a great fit for this list as well. Articles are published several times per week, and often several times per day, so check back daily to see what new content has been released.

Looking for a good post to start with? Try “Marketing, Gangnam Style,” to see how you can apply the catchy dance tune’s success to your own marketing efforts.

Honorable mentions for our top business & news blogs were Entrepreneur and Fortune, so definitely check those out too if you get a chance.

Stay tuned for the last post in our favorite blog series next Friday!