Pardot’s 2012 Social Media Roundup

social media roundup

Continuing with our 2012 content roundup, today’s post focuses on social media. Just like with our last post on email marketing, we’ve got a lot of great infographics, snapshots, and blog posts covering every aspect of the social sphere. Check out the roundup below:

Facebook Vs. Google+: A Guide to Brand Pages [Infographic]

Looking for a good comparison of Facebook and Google+ for business? You’re in luck. Google+ may not have the same kind of numbers as its rival social giant, but it certainly can compete when it comes to engagement. Although the statistics are a little outdated, the “Facebook vs. Google+: A Guide to Brand Pages” infographic from June takes an interesting look at the differences between Facebook and Google+ for business.

6 Fun Uses for Embedded Tweets

One year ago, Twitter added the option to embed tweets on a website or blog, allowing anyone on your site to retweet, favorite, or reply to join the conversation. While this new level of interactivity is great in theory, what kind of ways can B2B marketers find to use it? Get 6 fun ideas in this blog post: “6 Fun Uses for Embedded Tweets.”

Hashtags: A Best Practices Guide for Marketers

With more than 100,000 new tweets per minute, it can sometimes be hard to find useful information on Twitter. Luckily, hashtags give you a way to sort through the clutter for find the tweets that are relevant to you. Learn how to take advantage of hashtags to search Twitter, categorize information, and target your tweets with our “Hashtags: Best Practices for Marketers” guide.

6 Tools to Help Measure Your Twitter ROI

When it comes to measuring Twitter ROI, many marketers are left scratching their heads. Learn how you can track the growth rate of your followers, levels of Twitter engagement, traffic generated from social media links, and more using any of the six tools listed in our blog post: “6 Tools to Help Measure Your Twitter ROI.”

A Guide to Social Media Rebranding

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with new social platforms, changing layouts, updates to privacy policies — you get the picture. This can make it difficult to keep your social sites up to date. If you’re in need of a social rebrand, get a few design tips regarding color schemes and layout dimensions from Pardot’s Molly Hoffmeister in her “Guide to Social Media Rebranding.”

6 Secrets of Effective Tweeting [Snapshot]

How can you maximize your impact on Twitter? When should you tweet, how much should you write, and how can you track success? Get the answers to these questions and more in this informative snapshot: “6 Secrets of Effective Tweeting.”

Next up in our roundup series is content marketing. Stay tuned!