Pardot Winter ’19 Release: See What’s New

It seems like just yesterday when our young Pardot was released into the wild world of B2B…

But look at it now! It’s all grown up and ready to take your B2B marketing efforts to the next level. With each passing year, Pardot continues to find new ways to help B2B marketers find and nurture leads, close more deals and maximize marketing return on investment.

Here’s what you can expect to experience with the Pardot enhancements included in the Winter ’19 Release:

Get struck with Pardot in Lightning.

We know, we know — we talk about the gap between sales and marketing teams a lot. But it’s because even today, marketing and sales teams still struggle with working in silos across disconnected platforms.

That makes this announcement even more exciting: Pardot in Lightning is the single platform experience that completely bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams.

Take a minute to consider how this will improve your processes. With Pardot in Lightning, you can:

  • Have a single, unified login. Simplify user management across Salesforce with a single login, which means no more separation of Salesforce and Pardot users.
  • Work via a single navigation. The Lightning navigation allows all users to work within a consistent, seamless UI.
  • Combine campaigns. Campaigns no longer need to be in multiple locations. Instead, you’ll see a 360° view of all marketing activities across your org. 

Want to see what else is new for Pardot in Lightning? Check out this blog: Why Marketing, Sales, Admins and Executives Love Pardot in Lightning

See the new and improved Engagement Studio.

We’re giving Engagement Studio a few touch-ups here and there to complete its most recent makeover. In the refreshed Engagement Studio, you can:

  • Implement Repeating Programs. Allow your prospects to enter a program more than once to remind them of recurring events, renewals, and other activities.
  • Copy and paste program steps. Wave a (not-so) bittersweet goodbye to creating program steps manually. Now, you can launch programs faster by copying & pasting up to 10 steps right from the Engagement Studio canvas.
  • Filter by date in the Reporting tab. See how your program performed during a particular period so you can optimize your programs over time.
  • Customize permissions. Pardot User Roles now have an Engagement Studio custom user role permission for the ability to start, pause, or resume a program. This helps marketing teams avoid bottlenecks with seamless approval processes.

Interested in seeing these updates in action? Join us for the Pardot Product Runway: Winter ’19 Release Webinar and hear from a customer, Tigh Loughhead, Marketing Director, Elegran who was part of our Pardot in Lighting Beta program. See you there!

Pardot Winter '18 Release Webinar

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11 thoughts on “Pardot Winter ’19 Release: See What’s New

  • Forgive me for a relatively daft question, but why is this ’19 release and not ’18? I was confused as I saw some of these updates and it’s very forward-looking to say these will be in ’19!

    • Hi Tom, not a daft question at all! At Salesforce, we refer to our product releases based on our current fiscal year. Our fiscal years are a little offset from the calendar year, so we are currently in fiscal year ’19 🙂

  • When are we going to be able to get update to this version? I cant manage to update.

    • Hi Pablo, this release went live on October 15th. Feel free to create a support ticket if you’re having trouble with the update.

  • When will this release be live in APAC? My instance doesn’t seem to have been updated yet

    • Hi Niamh, this release went live worldwide on October 15th. Feel free to create a support ticket if you’re having trouble with the update.

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