Pardot & Salesforce: Better Together

Can you imagine what your desk would look like to a marketer from just 10 years ago? With dashboards, email editors, analytics, and lead databases, it would look more like a NASA launch than marketing.

But this is the marketing world we live in. Technology has brought a new host of challenges, but also a new arsenal of tools and capabilities that have made marketing departments more effective, more efficient, and more valuable than at any other point in history.

As marketers move forward with these new tools, it’s becoming clear that the real value lies in integrating, or combining, tools to create platforms that are even more powerful than the mere sum of their parts. A perfect example of this is the integration between CRM and marketing automation. While both tools are extremely powerful on their own, integrating the two solutions gives you one solution that can help create more leads, drive more opportunities, and add serious revenue.

We’ve put together the infographic below to highlight just how much integrating these two tools has to offer. Check out the infographic and download our newest white paper, Marketing Automation and Your CRM: The Dynamic Duo, to dive in even deeper!