Pardot: Relationship Counseling For Sales and Marketing

I’m sick of everyone holding me accountable for our success. I have to do everything! Stop overwhelming me!

That’s so unfair! You always do this! You wouldn’t be anywhere without me. Stop minimizing my contributions!

Sound familiar? No, it’s not the couple next door arguing. In fact, these are the familiar refrains that demonstrate the proverbial gap between sales and marketing departments. The story is the same regardless of organization or industry vertical: Sales proves its worth by narrowing down leads and closing deals, while Marketing measures its own success by the number of leads it generates for Sales. Since Marketing prizes quantity over quality, it passes as many leads as it can to Sales. But most of these leads end up leading nowhere, and Sales gets frustrated with Marketing, who can’t believe Sales is so ungrateful for all the hard work put into lead generation. Because Sales emphasizes quality over quantity, it would rather have a few highly qualified leads than scads of unqualified dead-end prospects. As a result, this sort of spiteful back-and-forth sniping has unfortunately become the norm. Many organizations have looked for ways to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, and few have been truly successful. However, Pardot offers a solution to this age-old quandary.

Pardot acts as a referee to promote cooperation by enhancing the complementary roles that Marketing and Sales should play with one another. Marketing should focus on lead quality, not lead quantity; doing so can help lower campaign costs and increase the efficiency of Sales. Pardot offers clients the following crucial features to help bridge the Sales-Marketing gap:

  • Automation Automates basic marketing and sales processes, such as lead assignment, segmentation, and lead nurturing
  • CRM Integration Offers native integration with CRMs including, SugarCRM, and NetSuite
  • Lead Scoring and Grading Scores and grades prospects to help qualify them for appropriate follow-up
  • Drip MarketingAutomates the lead nurturing process by letting you free up valuable resources without neglecting prospects
  • Web Analytics Helps you measure campaign ROI and identify trends in market verticals
  • These are just some of the features Pardot employs to help align the actions and goals of Sales and Marketing. Think of it as relationship counseling to keep Sales and Marketing on the right track.