Pardot offers $10,001 bonus for referring software engineers

Pardot is continuing to hire aggressively. We have added 25+ team members so far this year and plan to add many more before the year is out. We know that tapping into our social graph to find great people has always been the best way for us to build out our team. We have just started a new program to reward anyone in the greater tech community (not only our employees) for referring great employees our way.

The rules are pretty straightforward:

  1. The referred candidate must actually know you (duh!) and acknowledge that you sent him/her our way. We have a referral slot on our application for the candidate to use.
  2. You can be a recruiter but the $10,001 would be in lieu of any other remuneration you would normally earn on a placement. It would also not construe any ongoing contract for placement with Pardot.
  3. This applies only to full-time software engineering positions.
  4. You can either send an email to with the candidate’s information or the candidate can contact us directly and list you as a reference. If we receive multiple intro contacts for the same candidate, the first one received will win out.
  5. The $10,001 will be paid out 120 days from the candidate’s start date.

We are also offering a $2,000 referral bonus for all non- software engineering positions (same terms as above). More information is available on our careers page.

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Per @dharmesh from @hubspot (see below), our inspiration for this was from SEOmoz and HubSpot who did similar things in their respective markets (Seattle and Boston).