Pardot Is Now On Trailhead

It’s official: Pardot is now on Trailhead! We’re so excited that Trailhead users can now hop on to learn all about Pardot: from the basics for getting started to turning up the volume on your lead generation strategy, we’ve got all the tips and steps you need to get the most out of your brand-new Pardot instance!

Module #1: Pardot Basics

The Pardot Basics module is great for new Pardot users who are just gearing up to create their first Engagement Studio campaigns. The Getting Started with Pardot Unit will introduce you to all things Pardot, including the basics of what marketing automation platform can do, to how to find the right tools to use in Pardot itself. From there, you can learn how to leverage Pardot from an admin stand point to help you keep your instance running smoothly as your team continues to grow.

Module #2: Pardot Lead Generation

Learn how Pardot helps your campaigns pack a punch with lead generation. Four comprehensive units will take you through the basics of Pardot’s lead generation tools, from how to set up powerful forms and landing pages to how to build those elements into your campaigns and translate those leads into opportunities for your sales team.

Learn how Pardot can help you optimize your website to drive organic traffic, and gate your content to ensure that you’re channeling leads through every new asset.

And it doesn’t stop there: learn how to build powerful campaigns in Engagement studio – we’ll walk you through the different modules you can add to incorporate content, specific emails, and other campaign elements to create the perfect journey for your prospects.

Don’t want to rebuild all your forms for your new Pardot instance? There’s a module for that: you can learn to build and utilize form handlers in Pardot so that you don’t miss a thing.

Looking to get certified? These modules are a great introduction to Pardot so that you can ace your certification exam.
Take both modules to earn two awesome badges featuring the Parbot – so what are you waiting for?

Pardot Basics Pardot For Lead Generation