Pardot Metrics Survey Attracts Press Attention

The days of marketing in the dark are over. Right? Maybe not, according to a recent Pardot survey on the usage of marketing metrics, which found that 37% of B2B companies are still not measuring marketing’s contribution to overall revenue. When Pardot released the survey results last week, this surprising statistic was enough to capture the attention of several news sources.

Stay tuned for an infographic compiling the key findings of our marketing metrics survey, and in the meantime, check out this great coverage from DemandGen Report, TechJournal and Business News Daily:

Business News Daily: “Measurement Still the Missing Ingredient in Marketing”

For a full list of articles covering these survey results, check out the In the News page on our website.

Tracking the Success of B2B Marketing – An infographic by the team at Pardot Marketing Automation

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