Pardot Kit: Landing Pages 101

With content marketing on the rise, the internet is positively inundated with marketing best practices, hints and tips and instructional videos. It can be easy to get lost in this multitude of content and lose focus, particularly if you’re trying to familiarize yourself with a specific topic.

Enter “Pardot Kits.” Over the next couple weeks we’ll be putting together compilations of content that focus around a specific topic. If you’re hoping to learn more about landing pages, today’s your lucky day: we’ve compiled the following kit as a complete guide to building and optimizing your company’s landing pages — and organized it according to your preferred learning method. Each piece contains slightly different information (so it may be worth poring over more than one), but all contain great information on landing pages, regardless of your level of expertise.

If you like reading blog posts… check out this blog post series on landing page best practices by Pardot’s Jennifer Betowt. Over the course of six blog posts, Jennifer will walk you through the basics — from understanding the purpose of landing pages, to optimizing content and design, to testing and refining your landing pages accordingly. Feel free to skip through according to your level of expertise.

The Importance of Landing Pages
Concept and Content
Design Elements
Getting Smart with Forms
Sharing Content with Prospects
Testing and Refining

If you prefer to print it out and read it later… check out our white paper, Best Practices Guide to Successful Landing Pages. This white paper will talk about the four types of people interacting with your landing pages, maintaining the look and feel of your company and brand, and converting visitors into prospects. Click on the image to the right for more information.


If you’d rather watch a video… then check out the following video from Elevate 2011, last year’s Pardot Users Conference. Cloud Sherpas presents “Building a Landing Page Engine with Pardot,” and provides a case specific example of how one company is using marketing automation to build and manage their landing pages.