Pardot email bodies now synced into


Emails synced into as activities will now always display the contents of the email in some form.

Previously, if an email was sent in multi-part (HTML and text) format and synced to as an activity, it would display a link to view the email in Pardot. To relieve some of the friction of an extra click, we will now do an automatic HTML-to-Text conversion which preserves all of the text content, and does a decent job at also preserving some of the spacing and formatting as well. It is necessary to do this conversion since will typically not render HTML inside of an activity object.


Pardot sync with email task


  • We had already been able to do this with SugarCRM and NetSuite (albeit a bit differently). Still to come is doing the same thing but for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • This only affects emails synced in going forward. Past emails will not be resynced.