Pardot’s First Conference in the Books

Elevate 2010 (Pardot’s first annual users conference) is in the books! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it a great event!

When planning, we were originally aiming for 70 client attendees. This was our first event and let’s face it, Atlanta is pretty far from our major client clusters in California, Boston, Toronto, London, etc. We were very pleasantly surprised to end up with 120 clients and partners participating. A full 10% of our attendees came in from Canada!

Clients are of course excited about the product and service but the piece of feedback I am most proud of is how much everyone enjoys working with our team. This rang true again and again in conversations and as a founder, nothing makes me happier than knowing that we have put together a smart, professional, and friendly team.

We followed up the event with a short survey to find out what went well and what to focus on for next year. I was happy to see that overwhelmingly people enjoyed the event and would like to attend again next year and that everyone enjoyed the venue and social events.

The number one area for improvement in the survey results was to have more “deep dive” sessions around certain areas of the product. Theory is definitely interesting, but our attendees crave tactics and practical examples for nurturing campaigns, landing pages, and more. Next year we will make sure that every time slot has at least one “deep dive” track delivered by either a Pardot staffer or a client (possibly teaming up with a Pardashian).

We are still in a bit of post-event euphoria but are already brainstorming for 2011!

A few of our attendees have also blogged about Elevate: