Pardot Client Success Story Featured on MarketingSherpa

One of Pardot’s very successful clients, Paymetric, has been featured on MarketingSherpa for their rock star implementation of Pardot.

Here’s a summary of the case study:

Downsizing is part of business, whether the reason is based on economics or a change in corporate structure. And sometimes less can be more.

Find out how one start-up cut two-thirds of its marketing department, but nearly doubled the number of campaigns it was able to run. A tight integration of marketing automation and the CRM coupled with a smaller, but re-energized marketing department helped achieve these results.

Head on over and read the full article to learn more about how Paymetric transformed their campaign deployment, tripled their marketing-generated contribution to the pipeline and saved over $30,000 a year in overhead.

A big shout out to Paymetric for being a marketing automation inspiration!