New Feature: paid search keyword report

Pardot has always reported on AdWords campaigns and further broken down metrics by Ad Groups and Ads. You can now see paid search stats broken down by keyword instead. This works very similarly to the natural search report where you can see what keywords drive visits, prospects, opportunities, and ultimately revenue. The prospect and opportunity numbers are hyperlinked allowing you to drill into them to see a list of individual records.

Note: Pardot auto-detects Google Paid Search (AdWords) and a few other vendors from the referring URL. Unfortunately Bing (Microsoft AdCenter) sends the same referrer for organic (natural) and paid searches. Pardot has taken the same approach as Google Analytics. Simply add the parameter utm_medium=cpc to your Bing destination URLs. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics parameters (which Pardot also uses), you may want to check out the Google URL builder.