Optimizing Your Pardot Instance for Success

Chances are, if you’re managing a marketing program, you’ve got your hands full with multiple campaigns, asks from different departments and keeping your processes running smoothly. Getting your Pardot instance configured to maximize your success can quite easily take a backseat. It’s not for want of trying, but sometimes other projects take centre stage and the development of your marketing automation platform suffers for it.

Configuring Pardot

Getting Pardot configured to your business’s unique needs in key areas like logical scoring system, scoring categories and sensible list management is going to make a big difference when it comes to getting the most out of marketing automation. To get started, try an Express Pardot Audit.

An Express Pardot Audit is a great way to give your marketing automation a health-check for any issues, bottlenecks or missed opportunities where a few tweaks can make all the difference to your workflows. That’s not to say that you’ve done anything wrong – it’s just that all things digital can be optimized for better performance.

Where You Can Optimize

Landing pages are another key area that can be overlooked. Many firms use a CMS such as WordPress to maintain their landing pages and forms, using form handlers to feed data through to Pardot. While this serves as a fine temporary solution, you should always seek to build your landing pages and forms into Pardot to make full use of Engagement Studio’s functionality.

The true value of conducting a Pardot audit comes in the actionable recommendations which can be applied to future campaign. Make sure that you have business and campaign level objectives in mind as you conduct the audit so that you can begin to optimize once it’s been completed.

If you have the internal resource to conduct a Pardot audit in-house, use our audit checklist to guide you through the areas to cover within your audit. You’ll need to make concise, actionable notes as you work through the audit so you can feedback on the suggested tasks to address. If you require input from an expert we’d love to help. Sometimes another perspective can inspire new ideas. After having conducted multiple audits, we’ll know exactly what to look for and how the recommendations should be applied to your business for future campaign success.