Optimizing Landing Pages for Search

Earlier this month the Marketingsherpa Blog featured some tips from our very own Pardot partner, B2B marketing consultant Todd Miechiels. I thought the information was valuable and worth repeating. Todd’s “7 Cardinal Sins of B2B Search Engine Marketing” includes tips like setting a concrete goal such as cost per qualified lead, focusing on developing your value proposition and investing time and money early on to see if PPC is right for you (if not, just move on).

Marketingsherpa jumped in with one final idea:

– Sin #8. Neglecting your PPC landing pages

The focus of this advice is on taking the time to refine your pages, keeping in mind that it all well and good if your keyword gets a prospect to the page, but then you have to get them to convert. An easy way to start optimizing your landing pages for conversion is to make sure your headlines and images speak directly to the corresponding keywords. If they click on an ad about email marketing, make sure the page they land on is about email marketing and not just a general page with your company logo. Other things to keep in mind are the basics we always preach – form length, call to action message and a compelling offer.

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