Optimize Your Campaigns By Testing Content

How do you know the content you create really resonates with your buyer? How can you make sure it does when 64% of marketers say their single biggest challenge is producing enough content (Content Marketing Institute)? Meet the concept of Campaign Optimization. Campaign optimization takes traditional testing methods like A/B testing or multivariate testing a step further. Let’s dig in!

Choosing the right “flavor” of Content for your Audience:

Traditionally, marketers create an asset and then multivariate or A/B test the email that they use to promote it. Think about the last email campaign you created: you probably spent time testing variables like color and text. But, what if it was the the asset itself that wasn’t anywhere near “optimal”? Only testing around one asset in your campaign is like taking your audience to an ice cream store for the first time and letting them choose any flavor of vanilla. What if they’d like chocolate better? Testing a selection of different campaign “flavors” and measuring your buyer’s response will give you a much better chance of striking the right balance.

Campaign Optimization in Action

Marketers who leverage campaign optimization use different variations of a campaign, and then split test these campaigns with a sample of their audience and gauge results the same way you would for an email. They can then dig into these results to learn what voice, design and messages work best for their target audience by segment, industry and persona.

Once the marketer knows which version of a campaign is performing best, they can fine-tune it with traditional testing techniques to further optimize it.
If you’re looking to give your lead-gen efforts a boost, testing your content to ensure it resonates with your target audience is a good way to add value to your campaigns. On average, campaign optimization produces a 47% improvement between the lowest and highest performing variations of a campaign (Campaign Stars Annual Customer Survey) and affords you rich insight into the messages, design and concepts that most appeal to your buyer.