New feature: Opportunity Import

Pardot now supports bulk import of opportunity data from any external system! Just like our existing prospect import and user import wizards, this one makes it a cinch to get a large amount of opportunity data into the system and makes sure you’re taking advantage of the full end-to-end campaign ROI reporting, one of the most powerful parts of the Pardot platform!

The Pardot opportunity import process

The opportunity importer is available for anyone not using our or SugarCRM connectors, as those connectors automatically sync up opportunities already. To import opportunities, head over to Import Opportunities under the Administration section inside Pardot. The opportunity importer will allow you to import all your basic opportunity data (name, amount, probability, etc) as well as associate those opportunities with one or more prospects inside of Pardot.

Full documentation for the Opportunity Importer is available on our ever-helpful Knowledge Base, and as always our support team is happy to assist and answer any questions you might have.