No Time to Panic

Pardot Support sees a lot of reoccurring issues that have many folks running for the fire alarm. Put down your hard hat and axe, and relax. Pardot has your back faster than you can count backwards from ten. Here are some common mistakes that can cause panic and how to deal with them.

Emailed wrong URL
You’ve just sent an email blast out to a huge list containing a mistyped URL. That sentence might make you panic just from reading it. However, just get in touch with Pardot Support as soon as you realize you’ve made this mistake, and we’ll correct the URL. Remember, every link you send with Pardot is uniquely re-written for each of your prospects. The URL that they click is just a forwarding URL to the final destination URL. It’s a quick fix on our end and even prospects who have already opened your email will have their URL corrected too.

Form pre-populated as someone else
You are on one of your landing pages and you notice that the form has someone else’s information pre-populated on it. No, you haven’t been hacked, you’ve been cookied! Most likely this happened because you accidentally clicked a tracked link meant for someone else. We see this happen a lot via testing emails internally.

Example: Bill receives an email whose links have been re-written specifically for him (any link starting with http:// or https:// will be re-written), and forwards that email to Martha. Martha clicks a link written for Bill, and thereby cookies her own browser with Bill’s tracking cookie. Any form Martha views thereafter will have Bill’s info pre-populated.Be assured that, just because you may be seeing a form pre-populated with others’ information, your prospects are not seeing a form pre-populated, it’s only because the cookie exists on your machine.

We highly recommend enabling and clicking the “Not You?”  link on your forms if you see this activity. This resets the form and allows the individual to be cookied accordingly. We also recommend clearing your cookies periodically.

Deleted Anything (almost)
The Recycle Bin is your friend. You can find it under the Administration section of the left navigation. Any Pardot objects such as landing pages, forms, prospects, and users can be recovered in just a matter of seconds. However, content that you upload (whitepapers, videos, etc) can’t be recovered. Make sure you back up those PDFs and aren’t using Pardot as your only repository for important documents.

My Email changes are gone!
It’s important to remember that when an email template is opened for editing, only the first user to open that wizard will have their changes commit.  However, your cookie will try to play tricks on you. Any proof email that you send from your open wizard will reflect the edits you have made in that particular session. But if yours is not the first open wizard, the changes you make will not actually apply to the email template when you save.

Users must always click the “confirm and save” button or the “cancel” link to exit a wizard. Navigating away from the page will leave that wizard open, effectively locking out any other users from saving their changes.

If you notice that your email template appears differently when you preview it than when you open to edit the template, don’t panic–reach out to Support. We can clear out any open wizards that may be interfering with your current editing session. Also, if you forget to save and essentially lose all of your content, reach out to Support. We might be able to recover your content, but clicking confirm and save is so much easier.

Are you a current Pardot client with a technical or usage question about your account?

Simply send an email summarizing your issue and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with your request. The support team is available from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EDT, Monday – Friday.