New Training Launched!

In an effort to cater to our client’s training needs, we’re pleased to announce our new training program called Pardot Now.

The Pardot Now series will cover a range of topics such as sending an email, setting up drip programs, administrating your Pardot account, as well as an overview of the newest features. The goal of these sessions is once you’ve attended a topic-specific webinar, you can apply what you learned to your account right away. Whether you’re new to Pardot or an existing client who would like a refresher, these sessions will be perfect for you.

Overall, we’re offering 18 unique sessions over the course of one month. These 30-60 minute sessions will be presented live by a member of our team and will have the opportunity for questions at the end.

Additionally, we are splitting our cornerstone Pardot Basics course into two sections. This will allow new clients to see the functionality of Pardot within two hours based on their schedule or learning style. You can attend either session Monday mornings (11am-12pm ET) and afternoons (2pm-3pm ET) or the both courses Thursday (10am-12pm ET).

You can check out our training calendar for sessions in January and register today>>>