New Social Posts Feature: Facebook Pages Integration


You could previously post status updates to Facebook individual accounts but you can now also connect Facebook pages accounts via Pardot’s social connectors. The setup is the same as with individual accounts. Simply add another Facebook connector and authenticate with an account that has access to your page. When you edit the connector you can select which account to post as (an individual account or a page). To be able to post as both, simply set up two different Facebook connectors. Like our other social post connectors, this is available to Enterprise Edition and higher Pardot accounts.

This means Pardot’s social post integrations now include:

  • Twitter accounts
  • Facebook accounts
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn individual accounts
We plan to implement updates to LinkedIn corporate accounts once those are generally available via LinkedIn’s API. Similarly, we will add Google+ post integration once their API comes out of read only status.


Pardot Facebook Pages Integration

Facebook Pages Connector