New prospect and opportunity drill downs added to dashboard


As part of our recent reporting kick, we have made three significant changes to the dashboard chart. This goes along with our idea of allowing users to drill down (click for more data) into as many metrics in Pardot as possible.

New Metric: Created Prospects

We previously showed two metrics: New Prospects and Imported Prospects. We thought of “new” as prospects created by forms, landing pages, etc. and “imported” as prospects created in any other manner (imports, email plugins, etc.). Unfortunately this was not always perfectly accurate and caused some confusion. We have simplified this into Created Prospects, which represents any net new record.

Drill into created prospects and created opportunities

You can now click on the number for Created Prospects or Created Opportunities in the data table to the right of the chart. Doing so will pull up a list of prospects or opportunities created in the same timeframe to which you had filtered the dashboard.

Drill into bar graph bars

You can also drill into individual bars in the graph (representing a day’s worth of Created Prospects or Created Opportunities) to see a list of the records created on a given day.

Dashboard Drill Down