New feature: start and end dates for Pardot campaigns

You can now set optional start and end dates for Pardot Campaigns.

Pardot Campaigns: Start and End Dates

This feeds into two places: the campaign table which now has “active” and “inactive” views and also all campaign drop downs which also now are separated between “active” and “inactive” campaigns.

Our clients accumulate lots of campaigns over the lifetime of using our product, especially if they are doing campaigns monthly or quarterly. By setting a start and/or end date you can better designate which campaigns are actually active and more easily find the ones you are currently using.

A campaign is considered active if:

  • it has no start date and no end date
  • it has a start date that is in the past, and has no end date or the end date is in the future
  • it does not have a start date, and the end date is in the future

Inactive campaigns will still have all their associations and reporting stats tracked, the only difference is they appear in the “inactive” view of the datatable and the “inactive” section of the campaign dropdown.

Campaign Drop Down List